About me

I am Hend Hourani and I'm a prospective interaction designer. I am currently studying Interaction Design at the University of Applied Science in Schwäbisch Gmünd Germany. I was born in Israel and moved to Germany 5 years ago to pursue my study. I am a trained designer on computer UI/UX design programs such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, XD, Cinema4D, Unity, Framer, Flinto and Sketch.

Discipline is very important to me. It keeps me on track with work and school. I consider myself highly adaptable and flexible, who embraces teamwork but also enjoys working independently. I also consider myself dependable, honest, patient, friendly, hardworking and punctual. Though two of my weaknesses is attempting to please everyone and sometimes being too critical of myself.

A key part of our university‘s teaching and learning process is to provide practical-based course content. Most of our projects are done in teams, which gives us the ability to focus on problems through different perspectives and provide mutual supports.

Language Proficiencies
  • ArabicNative language

  • HebrewNative language

  • GermanFluent in reading, writing and speaking

  • EnglishFluent in reading, writing and speaking

  • RussianBasics in reading, writing and speaking

Programming languages

Programming languages are now a part of our life. They are important tools that help create solutions that are environmentally friendly and support the highest level of living standard for humans.


I have 7 years experience in HTML/CSS. I mostly used the language while in high school and university for websites and various projects.


HTML and CSS go side by side. Without CSS it is almost impossible to style your code.

Java Script

I started learning Java Script 3 years ago and am currently using it for specific interactive design projects.


My specialization in high school was computer science and C# was the language that was required in the curriculum.

Coffee Script

Framer is one of the programs we used (which requires Coffee Script programming language), in order to be able to make our final designs interactive.


We use C/C++ only for small Arduino workshops, where we write small pieces of code to connect hardware and software.